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Sony Ericsson to bring out USB mobiles?

What's next for mobile phones? We've seen touchscreen capabilities on the Apple iPhone, meaty multimedia offerings such as the Nokia N95 8GB, high-end cameraphones such as the LG KU990 Viewty, and now Samsung is developing 8-megapixel CMOS sensors to go into cameraphones.

The people over at Sony Ericsson might get inspired by designer Vincent Palicki's view of a future Sony Ericsson handset. Palicki has opted for a slim candy bar style phone complete with a full size USB port.

Stick it to your phone

Any USB drive could be slotted in to transfer files like music, videos, pictures and documents between your mobile phone and computer or other USB-equipped devices.

Palicki's slick candybar style phone is complete with a big screen, and a standard Sony Ericsson keypad that has been touched up with stainless steel buttons, Yanko Design reported.

This concept design looks like it may not be too far away in the future, and we think it would fit right in in the Sony Ericsson product ranges. If we could have our way with this handset, it would include HSDPA 3G, a high-end 5-megapixel camera, a decent music player and a great, big VGA screen at the front.