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Webcam home-monitor service adds security

Previously geeky remote home-monitoring is now available with an ISP subscription.

Mid-sized Japanese ISP and telecoms provider J:COM is launching a domestic security package that will rival, at least in part, the U-Consento service we saw from NTT last week in the intelligent-home stakes.

The Peace of Mind service is being offered to J:COM's existing internet subscribers as an add-on that will allow them to monitor their homes remotely. Using a combination of IP webcams, dedicated company servers and customers' mobile phones, any designated part of a house can be monitored from afar for unexpected changes.

Software sentry

User-intervention is kept to a minimum by using software to look for anything untoward. If, for example, a camera detects that a door has been opened or a window broken, it sends images to the J:COM server, which then alerts the user by phone or normal email.

Although such technologies aren't new, their inclusion as part of an ISP package could mark their becoming more mainstream than previously.