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Archos' IFA 2013 plans revolve around 7 smartphones, 5 tablets

Archos going big in Berlin

As IFA 2013 fast approaches, we're learning ever more about what we can expect from this year's tech-tastic conference.

While Samsung scored some attention earlier this week with an invite hinting we'll spot the Galaxy Note 3 Sept. 4, Archos today is overwhelming with sheer numbers.

According to a financial release (PDF) published yesterday, the company plans to detail its brand strategy during IFA. That strategy revolves around marketing "a full range" of seven Android smartphones to be released this fall.

The company also revealed it's investing in high-end tablets as well as some on 3G, "with more than five product announcements at IFA." The tablets will revolve around certain themes, such as gaming, connected TV and education/early learning.

Easy does it

There's not too much else to glean from the release, but just know Archos' carry-on bags will be fully loaded when it makes the trip to Berlin.

Archos has already released a number of devices this year, including a trio of tablets in February.

Clearly the French firm is looking to make its mark at IFA and, on the smartphone front, it's choosing to do so with Android. We'll be on the ground to bring you the latest at the conference, including hands on with these Archos devices if available.

Find out what else we're expecting from IFA 2013:

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