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Suspicious HTC tablet pictures hit the web

Suspicious HTC tablet pictures hit the web
Is this finger-friendly slate for real?
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Spurious photos of what is supposedly a new HTC tablet have hit the net, bringing Apple-ish looks to an Android tablet.

The images come by way of a newly-set up Twitter account @evleaks and we smell a serious rat – this tablet looks so much like an iMac that this HTC tablet can't possibly be a real product that's coming to market.

And if it is, well, Apple's lawyers have just had a decent warm-up against Samsung, we're sure they're up for another round of legal fisticuffs.

Weird appliance

Another weird thing is that both the front- and rear-mounted cameras seem to be on the bottom of the tablet rather than the top.

HTC tablet

Image credit: @evleaks

The images are quite convincing though, looking as though they've been pulled from a promo video and showing a very slim, asymmetrically bezelled tablet.

What's more, it doesn't jive too badly with what we know HTC is working on; a 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 tablet with a screen resolution of 1280x752.

HTC tablet

Image credit: @evleaks

We reckon HTC's more likely to take aim at the 7-inch tablet market though, which would mean that this 10-inch looking tablet is either a pretty good fake or a prototype; but until the company makes its announcement, we don't know much for sure.

Will we find out more about HTC's Flyer successor at IFA 2012? We hope so. Stay tuned.

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