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BlackBerry PlayBook 4G arriving next week?

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G arriving next week?
Super speedy PlayBook landing soon? Hmm....

Research in Motion may launch the 4G LTE version of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as soon as next week, according to some questionable sources.

The news comes from Fudzilla, which claims sources have revealed that RIM is planning on launching the PlayBook 4G on July 31 – a week from today.

RIM has already confirmed that it will launch a 4G version of its poorly received tablet, stating that it would arrive in late 2012.

Canada first

The sources reckon the 4G LTE tablet will sport the same specs as the original, which include a 7-inch screen, 32GB of internal storage, 1GB RAM, 5MP rear camera, 3MP front camera and will run PlayBook OS 2.0 – although it may get a processor boost from 1GHz to 1.5GHz.

Apparently the 4G PlayBook will only be available in Canada to start with, costing about $550 (around £320), and it's not clear if there are any firm plans to expand this to other markets.

BlackBerry has also confirmed that the current PlayBook will get updated to BB10 - although the new OS has been delayed until early next year – so expect the 4G version to get the same treatment when the upgrade is made available.

While we don't doubt the fact that there will be a PlayBook 4G, we do question the July 31 launch date, as we'd expect RIM to promote it more heavily in an attempt to drum up interest.

From Fudzilla