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Apple exchanging customers' iPad 3 for new iPad 4?

Apple exchanging customers' iPad 3 for new iPad 4?
What Apple Giveth, Apple (Hopefully) Taketh Away

Apple looks like it may have realised it's annoyed some users as reports emerge some stores are exchanging the old 'new' iPad for the iPad 4.

We've spoken to Apple, which is yet to confirm whether this policy is in effect worldwide, but CNET is reporting that a store in the US has waived its usual 14 day return policy and extended it to 30 days.

Twitter users highlighted the ability to exchange the product, and the manager at a San Francisco, US, Apple store confirmed this was the case – although added the caveat that it was only for that specific outlet.

One rule for us…

When pushed on whether this would be a wider scheme, she replied that she couldn't talk for other stores' policies – so if you want to take yours down to your local stockist and get a shiny new tablet, you may be out of luck.

Many TechRadar readers have expressed outrage that Apple would update a product so soon after launch, with many presumably staring at their 'new' iPad and wishing ill upon it and its family.

But it's worth noting that the update is pretty incremental: the update to the newer CPU is the main change, which is slightly galling, but otherwise it's simply a case of getting more hardware to use the new Lightning connector and make Facetime all HD-friendly.

If you're still annoyed, it's worth giving your local Apple outlet a call – but if you can't be bothered with that, vent in the comments below. Trust us, it will be cathartic.