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Netflix is completely dominating the Australian video on demand market


Netflix was always going to succeed in Australia following its March launch, but today

the first statistics showing the sheer dominance of the US streaming service were revealed by The Australian.

A graph from research company Experian Hitwise, that shows with over 800,000 daily pageviews at its peak, compared to under 450,000 pageviews for the nearest competitor, ABC iview.

Google trends, which counts the number of times each service was searched for, corroborates the leaked graph that shows Netflix as having significantly higher traffic rates than any other streaming or TV-on-demand service in Australia.

Netflix Google

Is it really that surprising?

The statistics merely show page views, which don't necessarily translate directly into the number of subscribed users.

This is especially evident in the case of Stan. Because the results don't consider subdomains, Stan's pageviews are considerably understated, as all the service's video streams are hosted with a subdomain that wasn't tracked.

But in general, awareness surrounding Netflix was always going to be significantly greater than local competitor Stan, despite an aggressive advertising campaign in February across its owner's (Fairfax and channel Nine) media portfolios.