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Google's Pixel 2 will finally be revealed on October 4

Last year, Google made a big splash with its first Pixel smartphone (well, as much of a splash as a non-water resistant handset can make), and now it appears that we're only a few weeks away from seeing its much-anticipated follow up, expected to be dubbed the Google Pixel 2

Spotted by a Droid Life reader, a new billboard has appeared in Boston with the words "Ask more of your phone" in large lettering, followed by the Google logo and a date of "Oct. 4" at the bottom. 

If the Boston-based billboard is indeed referring to the upcoming Google Pixel 2, you can expect the phone to be wicked-smaht [Ed – Our apologies to any native Bostonians], even if it won't feature an all-new Snapdragon 836 chipset as was originally rumored.

While there's a small chance the billboard could be referring to something else entirely, the timing would suggest otherwise – the original Google Pixel launched exactly one year earlier on October 4, 2016. 

In other Google Pixel 2 related news, Droid Life has also reported that the larger Pixel XL 2 has made its way through the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification process, with the model number specified on the accompanying documentation appearing to confirm that the phablet will be made by LG, and not HTC as was revealed by the regular Pixel 2's FCC filing

Expect to find out more about both devices in the coming weeks.