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Sony wins battle of the E3 booths

E3 is back early next month, with a return to the spectacle of old – with games publishers and hardware manufacturers putting serious amounts of marketing cash into a show set to feature big booths, garishly-attired 'booth babes' and loads of new videogames.

The speculation as to what Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have up their respective sleeves has been raging online for months and it reaches fever pitch in the weeks running up to the event.

And while PRs, journos and publishing execs start to plan what to pack for their trip to La La Land, the Entertainment Software Association - the organizers of the show – have just stoked up the excitement levels by publishing the show floor plans.

Sony wins booth-battle

The big news is that Sony wins the battle of the booths for E3 2009 – if that battle is based purely on the amount of floor space the company has booked up, that is!

You can see all the floorplans over on the ESA's website right here – which shows that Microsoft is the central attraction in the South Hall, while Sony and Nintendo dominate the cavernous West Hall.

Stay tuned for all the E3 2009 fun and games from June 1.

Via Xboxygen