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Sony standardizes Instant Game Collection access for PS Plus members

PS Vita
More games, more regular

PlayStation Plus is about to celebrate its 4th birthday, and Sony is graduating access to Instant Game Collection to become more standardized.

Previously, games could become available at any point during a month, and the time to access them would also vary between games.

Now, starting from June, six new titles will be available on the first Wednesday of every month for those in the UK or Australia, while the US will have titles going up on the first Tuesday. Access will expire once the new titles are added the next month.

Phasing out

Too keep things in line, Sony will be slowly phasing out access to many titles that have been available part of the Instant Game Collection for a long time.

For anyone that has already downloaded a title that will be phased out, you will still have access to them for as long as you remain a PS Plus member.

Sony also announced that members will also have access to two free titles per month starting from June as well.