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Sony PSP outsells Nintendo 3DS in Japan

Sony PSP has enjoyed a surprise victory over the 3DS

Sony has earned a surprise victory in the handheld gaming arena with the PSP outselling the new Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

The PlayStation Portable sold an impressive 58,075 units in the land of the rising sun, while the Nintendo 3DS only shifted 42,979 - a drop off of 8,000 from the previous week.

The reason for this sudden leap, which made the PSP by far the top selling hardware in Japan last week, is attributed to new dating sim called Amagami which shifted 67,221 copies.

On top of Amagami's success, the PSP dominated the top 10 games chart for the week with six of the top ten titles.

The 3DS only boasted one title in that chart which was baseball game Pro Yakyu Famista 2011, that came in at number nine with a somewhat humble 12,851 copies sold

While it is surprising that an ageing console like the PSP overhauled the newest star on the block, the PSP has traditionally enjoyed greater acceptance in Japan than it has in the west.