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Sony details robotic PlayStation gaming pal

Details on a Sony patent for a small robotic gaming pal designed to get involved in the PlayStation gaming experience have emerged this week.

Kotaku describes the patent, originally filed with the US patent office last summer, as "Sony's take on [Nintendo's] R.O.B.... a robot outfitted with a camera that enables the bot to decipher the surrounding environment."

PlayStation Hoover-bot?

The patent for the PlayStation-bot is illustrated with a rather basic line-drawing, which shows an in-built camera (item 14 – pictured) and a display screen to show images (item 18).

According to Siliconera, the PlayStation-bot also packs in "a microphone that reacts a user's voice and speaker allows the robot to respond to sound as well" as well as plans for "a position detection sensor to the robot such as an acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, or possibly a GPS receiver."

No details as to how the bot might be incorporated into the gaming experience, but we're already full of ideas over here.

Can anybody think of any fun games that could incorporate making a robot clean your lounge, for example?

Siliconera via Kotaku