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Make Skype calls on your new Sony PSP

Sony has finally issued the long-awaited firmware 3.90 update for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Available immediately online, the new firmware will allow owners of the new PSP Slim and Lite consoles to make and receive

Skype phone calls

via the internet.

Sadly for early adopters, though, original PSP handhelds are unable to make use of this functionality.

Skype will effectively enable you to make free phone calls to anyone with a Skype account. That's provided you're standing in a Wi-Fi hotspot of course. You can even pay for Skype credits which will enable you to phone landline and mobile phones.

Skype comes to PSP

To use Skype on the PSP, you've just got to download and install the latest firmware, sign up for a Skype account and then off you go.

And Skype isn't the only addition, either. As if to tease PSP gamers, Sony has added a new GoMessenger icon into the PSP's menu. However, until the next firmware update, you won't be able to use it.

GoMessenger is Sony's new instant messaging service which will eventually allow PSP gamers to chat to each other via text, voice and even video. And the good news for owners of older PSPs is that GoMessenger is compatible will all versions of the console.