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Sony repositions PS2 to better tackle Wii

The white PS2 will offer more than just traditional gaming

We've known for a while about the 'Ceramic White' version of the PlayStation 2 Sony is planning to ship soon. But we finally have word of a US release date and details of a special bundle that brings the console more in line with Nintendo's family-oriented offerings.

Early November will see the arrival of the Wii-alike white PS2 in the US and Canada for $150 (£73), which includes SingStar Pop, a new version of the music-based game, and two USB microphones.

Knees-up night in

Sony clearly hopes the package will encourage younger gamers and families to gather round the console for an evening of karaoke in the same way Nintendo has had success with its everybody-in approach to gaming on the Wii.

Given the low price of the older PlayStation, its massive library of games (1,500, with 160 new titles imminent) and its ability to play DVDs and CDs, it's not surprising that Sony should seek to reposition the console as a more fun alternative to the hardcore action of the PS3.

There's no word yet on UK release for the SingStar bundle, but we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it.