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Sony man says Xbox 360 'doesn't even work'

If you believe Sony, the Xbox 360 will not last 10 years

The Microsoft Xbox 360 console does not work and will not last anywhere near as long as the Sony PlayStation 3. Those are the views of Sony VP of marketing, Peter Dillie, who made the comments at E3.

"I don't want to be argumentative," said Dillie. "But I take issue with Microsoft either having a long tail, or being profitable, because they've never done either. They've never made a dime in this business.

"With the Xbox 360 you've got an inconsistent design, some have a hard drive, some don't, and none of them have Blu-ray , and the HD DVD will be out of business in a matter of months. Is this a ten year product?" he said.

He then commented that the Xbox 360 "doesn't even work".

Xbox 360 doesn't work?

Microsoft recently pledged $1bn (£500m) to fixing all the Xbox 360 consoles which have overheated and broken since they were bought.