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Sony PSN struggles with weight of password resets

PSN - troubled times
PSN - troubled times

Sony's has had to turn off part of its PSN services for a short period due to the overwhelming amount of people trying to change their passwords.

The return of Sony's PSN has caused headlines, but the sheer weight of people trying to reset their account security has forced the company to take action.

"We're expereiencing (sic) a heavy load of password resets and will be turning off the services for 30 minutes to clear the queue," tweeted Sony on its official PlayStation account overnight.


It's not unexpected that the service would be overloaded, given that there was an outage of more than a month due to an outside attack.

When many users logged into the PSN in the UK, they were told their passwords were invalid and had to be changed.

"If you've requested your password reset, it's taking time to clear all of the ISPs, so please give it a bit of time to reach your email," Sony added soon after the tweet about the downtime.

Earlier in the day the company had said "To those waiting on PSN password reset emails - some ISPs are processing them slower than others, but they are coming."