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Sony makes PS3 3.15 firmware mandatory for all

Mandatory update coming to PS3
Mandatory update coming to PS3

Sony has made the 3.15 version of the PlayStation 3 firmware mandatory, sparking a little confusion in the community.

Previously 3.15 had been a optional upgrade, bringing PSP Minis to the platform but not forced on any users, but Sony has now made the upgrade mandatory.


Suggestions are being made that the reason for this could be either that the next firmware upgrade will need 3.15 in place before it can be functional, or that the upgrade fixed something that wasn't listed in the update changes log.

In truth, there is very little reason not to upgrade, with no reports of stability issues with the voluntary upgrade.

But it does beg the question of just what to expect from the next big upgrade from Sony, and what it will bring to the PS3.