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Nokia set to follow Booklet 3G with new smartbook

Nokai planning smartbook in the next year?
Nokai planning smartbook in the next year?

Nokia's move into the netbook market looks set to be flanked by a smaller device, an ARM-based smartbook.

The notion of a 'smartbook', which bridges the (very small) gap between the smartphone and the netbook is set to be the next area for exploitation for the larger manufacturers.

According to Digitimes, Nokia is finalising production schedules for the device and will release the new smartbook mid-2010 (Nokia World next year perhaps?)

It will be using an ARM processor at its core, and apparently Nokia is still choosing between two manufacturers to produce the new unit.

Following the Booklet

The news follows the recent announcement from Nokia that it is entering the netbook market with the Booklet 3G, highlighting the growing need from brands to exploit the explosion of mobile broadband outside the mobile phone and dongle market.

The new smartbook will obviously benefit from Nokia's efforts to extend its Ovi Suite to the PC market and developing them for larger screens, so we could be seeing some interesting innovations in this fledgling space in the coming months.

Via Digitimes