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LG's UltraWide Monitor arriving...sometime soon

Big is in

The EA93 UltraWide Monitor, a 21:9-inch monster made by LG, will soon be available to consumers around the world.

When will that be exactly?

Well, the best LG can offer is that the EA93, which boasts a resolution of 2560 X 1080 and movie-quality imagery, will be available in Korea sometime this month followed by a global rollout in "the weeks following."

The 29-inch screen doesn't yet have a price, though its features are pretty princely.

Watch me now

21:9 is, according to LG, close to the dimensions found on cinema screens, giving it a cinematic quality that plays films as meant to be watched.

We tinkered with it at IFA 2012 and found the ratio to be totally legit - no gimmicks for attention here.

While movie buffs and gamers will likely eat up the image quality, LG maintained the monitor works for graphic designers and other professionals who need a screen they can sink their teeth into.

What's particularly cool about the EA93 for artists is its capacity to hookup to two external devices via Dual Link-Up, providing consistent color throughout the screen.

Its IPS panel, 100 percent color gamut, USB 3.0 and HDMI linkup all make the EA93 worth a look, whenever it hits store shelves.