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LG goes slimline with E90 monitor

LG E90 - been on a diet
LG E90 - been on a diet

LG has unveiled its new E90 monitor, the slimmest LED monitor it's yet put out, with a depth of just 7.2mm.

With a response time of 2ms, it's made to watch fast-paced action movies, and the Image Booster software LG has developed enhances streaming content from sites such as YouTube to give a clear, bright picture on the screen.

Si-hwan Park, Vice President of LG's monitor division, said: "The E90 is the result of advanced technology and beautiful design coming together in perfect alignment.

"With its revolutionary features in terms of design and picture quality, the E90 is the leading example of the company's Super LED monitor line that is setting new benchmarks for style and performance."

Reduced Energy Consumption

The E90 has reduced the amount of hazardous materials like mercury and halogen in its construction, and also has up to 40 per cent lower power consumption than standard CCFL-backlit LCD monitors.

LG's EZ-cabling has the power supply and connecting socket out of the way at the back for a cleaner design.

The LG E90 has a UK release date of before Christmas, prior to it being an Honoree product in the computer peripherals category at the 2011 CES Innovations Awards.