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PS4 Black Friday 2019 deals in Australia: Save on PlayStation games and hardware

black friday ps4 deals and ps4 pro bundles
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Black Friday PS4 deals are still massively popular, despite the console having originally being released six years ago. A stellar gaming lineup, a mid-generation 4K upgrade with the PS4 Pro and near constant new game releases has kept Sony's console on top.

But if you've somehow made it this far without a PS4, or are looking to upgrade to the world of HDR 4K gaming via a cheap PS4 Pro deal, then Black Friday is a fantastic time to take advantage of arguably the best prices of the year. 

We're currently facing a bit of a drought for decent PS4 deals as is usually the case at this time of year as we count down the weeks to Black Friday. Better PS4 prices usually start rolling in around the start of November at least, so it's worth looking around now.

Let's also consider that 2020 is more than likely going to see the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett going head to head for your cash late next year. So interest in the current-gen consoles won't be anywhere near as high in 2020, especially if Sony and Microsoft do the right thing and make both of the next-gen consoles fully backwards-compatible.

It also means if you're not desperate for a PS4 right now, holding out another year may actually reap you big rewards. With the PS5 arriving, the PS4 prices will likely take more of a nosedive. 

We expect game developers to continue to support the PS4 for a few years past the PS5 launch, so it could be a great budget buy for Black Friday 2020.

What Black Friday PS4 deals to expect

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If you've recently picked up a great 4K TV deal, then you might be thinking Black Friday would be a great time to get a better price on a PS4 Pro deal to enjoy some lovely HDR 4K gaming. And you'd be right. Sony's newest console costs a fair bit more than a standard PS4 Slim, but it's stayed cheaper than those rival Xbox One X prices even after some fairly hefty cuts from Microsoft to catch up.

As for what PS4 and PS4 Pro deals Australians to look forward to this year, we like to use 2018's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as a gauge for what we can expect in 2019.

Last year, we showcased some terrific Black Friday and Cyber Monday PS4 console bundles from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, JB Hi-Fi and more. 

We fully predict that Sony will be pulling out all the stops for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019, as it's the console maker's last opportunity to sell PS4s en masse before the PS5 arrives next year.

Black Friday PS4 deals to expect

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Sony's powerful PS4 Pro console saw its share of deals, including a 1TB console bundled with Spider-Man which was priced at AU$449 at JB Hi-Fi. 

Additionally, you could also grab the same bundle with bonus Fortnite content for AU$469 at Amazon Australia.

This year, we expect some big PS4 Pro console deals, likely tied to the much-hyped release of the only big PlayStation-exclusive of the holiday season, Death Stranding. 

If you ask us, the likeliness of some PS4 Pro Death Stranding bundles being offered this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 is pretty darn high.

Of course, Sony's non-4K PS4 Slim was also discounted during last year's Black Friday sales, with the 1TB model reduced to AU$379, making it seem like the best deals were reserved for the PS4 Pro instead.

Will PS4 games get Black Friday deals?

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For those who already own a PS4 or PS4 Pro console, finding deals on the year's biggest games will be a much bigger draw this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019. Last year held some fantastic deals on 2018's most popular titles, such as Spider-Man and Fallout 76.

But there's a good chance you'll see money off the newest blockbusters, so if you don't want to buy the likes of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot, Borderlands 3, FIFA 20 or Death Stranding at launch, you could save a decent chunk of change with a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. 

As we mentioned earlier, these sort of games are highly likely to find their way into PS4 bundles too. We've already started to see some appear in early Black Friday deals - but the best discounts will be during the sales period.

It's the games released in the last 12-months or so, ones where you've been waiting for that perfect price, are the kind of deals we live for. We'll be checking multiple retailers throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday for all-time low prices on the likes of Rage 2, Kingdom Hearts III, Spider-Man and Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration of what to add to your shopping list, be sure to take a look at our selection of the best PS4 games. Here's what some of last year's gaming deals looked like.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 | was AU$99.95, now AU$39

Developed by Insomniac Games (Ratchet and Clank), Marvel's Spider-Man is possibly the greatest Marvel video game ever made. Swing into action this Black Friday and pick up Spidey's latest adventure for just AU$39.View Deal

Fallout 76 PS4 | was AU$99.95, now AU$49.76

PlayStation fans, get ready to enter the wasteland again in Fallout 76, which sees a number of big changes this time around. You'll  find an added emphasis on survival and a completely revamped V.A.T.S. implementation. Now only AU$49.76View Deal

What about PlayStation VR?

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PlayStation VR's list of upcoming games gets shorter every year, but there's a solid amount of games out already for you to enjoy and PlayStation VR bundles should drop to the lowest prices of the year, maybe lowest ever, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In Australia, the PlayStation VR saw massive discounts in last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, with Sony's virtual reality headset bundles dropping to AU$269 from the RRP of $549. That's an enormous saving of AU$280, and we fully expect the PSVR to be just as cheap (or even cheaper) in 2019.

Will there be PlayStation Plus deals?

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Yes, Black Friday is a great opportunity to top up your PS Plus sub. Over the years we've seen big discounts on 12-month subscriptions and even special 15-month versions. 

Usually, over on our cheap PlayStation Plus deals guide, you'd find the likes of CDKeys coming out on top for large parts of the year. And while that store will certainly be amongst the best, we've noticed Amazon and even the official PSN store (accessed via the website or directly from your PS4) have great deals going on subs too.

And don't forget, you don't have to wait for your PlayStation Plus to expire before buying a new one. You can stack membership codes as much as you want, so if you see a great deal at any time of the year, feel free to buy it and activate the code straight away so you can enjoy extended membership benefits well beyond the standard 12 months. We often grab a couple of years' worth when the most jaw-dropping deals appear.

Here's why Black Friday is the best time to renew your PS Plus membership.

Can I get cheaper controllers and accessories?

PS4 controller in various colours

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Yes! The Black Friday seasonal shopping event is a great time to treat your PS4 to a few extras. DualShock 4 PS4 controller prices can be stubbornly high at most points of the year, but we've seen as much as 50% get knocked off their prices in November and sometimes even into December. Fingers crossed the brand new colors (rose gold, red camouflage, electric purple and titanium blue) get involved too.

We'd expect PS4 headsets, both official and third-party ones, to get big discounts too. So whether you're after the uber cool 3D virtual surround sound of the PS4 Platinum headset or something from the likes of Turtle Bay, Astro, Razer and so on, you're bound to find something. More to the point, we'll be looking for you and highlighting the best offers right here on this page.

Stay tuned for all the best Black Friday PS4 updates. We'll be showing you all the best deals, bundles and discounts for the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, games and accessories.