Rare PS4 Pro deal on Amazon Prime Day includes Spider-Man, Horizon: Zero Dawn

ps4 pro bundle deal
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If you remember Black Friday 2019, then you remember when the PS4 was available with insane bundles and discounts. Amazon is making sure that trend continues with its Prime Day deals festivities, slinging out a PS4 Pro console bundle with two games included for the price of a regular PS4 on its own.

This list-price Sony PS4 Pro includes the mega-hit games of 2017 and 2018, respectively: Horizon: Zero Dawn and Spider-Man.

Of course, on the inside is a whopping 1TB solid-state drive to hold all of your 4K games without issue. Naturally, the console comes with just one controller.

Sony PS4 Pro 1TB bundle just $469$299 at Amazon

Sony PS4 Pro 1TB bundle just $469 $299 at Amazon
The ultimate gaming console from Sony normally goes for $399 alone in the US, so getting it for $100 off plus two games makes for an immense deal.

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