Grab this 43-inch 4K Hisense TV for just £255 on Amazon Prime Day

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There are no shortage of TV deals this Amazon Prime Day, but the Hisense H43B7100UK still manages to stand out thanks to this generous £144 discount.

That brings it down to just £255 from £399, for a saving of 36%, and like all good 4K TVs this one also has HDR for greater contrast in images, and while it’s not massive, at 43 inches it’s the perfect size for a bedroom or anywhere else you might want a second TV.

Hisense H43B7100UK 43-inch 4K HDR TV: £399.99 now £255
£144 saving for 36% off

Hisense H43B7100UK 43-inch 4K HDR TV: £399.99 now £255
This cheap and cheerful set makes for a perfect larger bedroom screen, with all the 4K and HDR mod cons you could hope for. It's got a massive £144 saving for 36% off its usual price tag.

Sounds good

So you can expect a good picture, but Hisense hasn’t neglected the sound side of things either, as the H43B7100UK also sports DTS Studio Sound, including handy features like dialogue and bass enhancement.

Of course, this is also a smart TV, meaning you have built-in access to things like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Freeview Play – you even get dedicated buttons for each of these services on the remote.

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