Chillblast Fusion Mamba review

Our first full, premium Ivy Bridge gaming PC

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Our Verdict

A well-specced, premium Ivy Bridge machine with a spectacular GPU to back up those CPU chops.


  • Top CPU/GPU pairing
  • Decent overclock
  • Seriously sound-proofed


  • Rather pricey

The Chillblast Fusion Mamba is a full gaming PC that packs a hell of a punch with its Ivy Bridge/Kepler sensibilities.

That means Chillblast is bringing together two of the biggest hitters from the latest round of technological advancements, sticking an overclocked Intel Core i7 3770K and an Nvidia GTX 680 into the same chassis to fight it out for top billing.

This then is the premium rig of the Ivy Bridge-based machines we've been playing with this month, compared with the Intel Core i5 3570K-powered Palicomp Alpha Detonator, and as such there is barely a hint of compromise in the make up of the Fusion Mamba.

This is the top 3rd Gen Core CPU, with a stock running speed of 3.5GHz but with some simple overclocking and Corsair's brilliant CoolIT-powered H100 water block keeping things chilled at a not-too-shabby 4.7GHz.

To be fair that's not exactly unprecedented for the top Sandy Bridge processors either, or even the mid-range chips that we've had running happily at a frankly crazy top-speed of 5GHz with Mr. Laird's patented 'shonky cooler'.

Still, a 4.7GHz Core i7 3770K is still faster than a 4.7GHz Core i7 2700K.

If only just.

That said though, the OCUK Mosasaur MKII we looked at back in March had an Intel Core i7 2700K running only 100MHz shy of that clock speed at 4.6GHz.

That gave it a Cinebench R11 index score of 8.95, a pretty decent score, but the overclocked Core i7 3770K in the Fusion Mamba gives it a rating of 9.48.

When you think that the stock-clocked Intel Core i7 3930K, the £500-odd hexcore Sandy Bridge E beast gets a score of 10.22 that's some pretty impressive numbers.

Vital stats
Processor - Intel Core i7 3770K @ 4.7GHz
Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V Pro
Graphics - Palit GTX 680
Memory - 16GB Corsair 1,600MHz DDR3
Operating system - Windows 7 Home Premium


In any of the CPU benchmarks you want to pass its way the overclocked Intel Core i7 3770K in the Fusion Mamba will chew up and spit back out.

The strictly quad-core Core i5 3570K is quite a way off the pace, in both Cinebench, and about 10fps behind in X264 HD.

In gaming terms though things are a lot closer, with the overclocked AMD Radeon HD 7970 in the Palicomp machine actually taking the lead in Heaven benchmark.

They switch position in the more Nvidia-favouring DiRT 3 and AMD-centric Shogun 2 benches, but the Batman: Arkham City benchmark is a little more platform agnostic.

CPU rendering performance

Chillblast Fusion Mamba benchmarks

DirectX 11 tessellation performance

Chillblast Fusion Mamba benchmarks

DirectX 11 gaming performance

Chillblast Fusion Mamba benchmarks