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Is hydrogen really the future of car fuels?

Toyota fuel cell

Is fuel cell tech a wonderful world of water emissions?

So, Toyota is planning to take hydrogen cars into the mainstream. It's launching a full-blown hydrogen-powered car in 2015. But is the world ready for hydrogen fuel cell cars? And even if it is, will fuel cells live up to the low-carbon hype? Continue reading...

Why the PlayStation 5 could be the cheapest games console ever

Why the PlayStation 5 could be the cheapest games console ever

Sony's PS5 could be a cheap little streaming box

While 4K TVs, Steam Machines and cool car tech are all well and good, by far the most exciting thing to come out of CES this week is the launch of Sony's PlayStation Now. It's not only an exciting new gaming service, but also a mesmerising hint at the destiny of the PlayStation brand and the future of gaming in general. This is the beginning of a cosmic shift in the paradigm of gaming, and it's happening right here, right now. Be excited. Continue reading...

CES is where innovation goes to die

CES is where innovation goes to die

You're doing it wrong, tech industry!

Did you see the Michael Bay thing? Michael Bay. Walked off stage he did. The Transformers guy. Stage fright or something. Just lost it. Walked right off. Of course you saw it. It was one of the few pieces of news from CES 2014 that managed to break out of the Las Vegas Convention Center into popular consciousness. While footage of a man normally associated with giant robots and fiery explosions struck dumb by a combination of technical failure and social awkwardness managed to go viral, the product Bay was there to help flog (some manner of Samsung TV) earned only a passing mention in those reports where it figured at all. Continue reading...

Google+: resistance is futile!

Google resistance is futile

Ain't no party like a compulsory Google+ party

This week's attempt to push the poor man's Facebook involves making it really easy for any old stranger to email you. Yes, Google is enabling anybody with a Google+ account to email you by automatically enrolling you in a scheme apparently designed for spammers and hiding the opt-out in the depths of your email settings. Continue reading...

Why is Samsung hiding its best iPad competitor yet?

Galaxy Tab Pro

Too many tablets spoiling the techno-broth

Samsung has called 2014 "a year in which Samsung truly establishes its leadership in the tablet market", yet this market segmentation is going to prevent it from doing just that – this is a company that needs a streamlined tablet range to challenge the likes of the iPads and Surfaces of this world, not confuse consumers with different ranges seemingly offering the same things. Continue reading...

Why you should be suspicious of cheap 4K TVs

Why you should be suspicious of super cheap 4K TVs

4K is amazing, but that doesn't mean all 4K TVs are

No one likes 4K more than me and that is a fact. Like many people, I'm a total sucker for thrilling visuals and find native 4K pictures absolutely spellbinding. Sports, movies, TV shows - it all looks totally mesmeric and awesome. But that doesn't mean the cheapo 4K TVs announced at CES will be anything other than disappointing. Continue reading...

15 best bits of tech to come out of CES 2014

15 best bits of tech to come out of CES 2014

Technology that grabs you by the eyeballs and doesn't let go

You don't need a crystal ball to see what the future of technology holds. Every Consumer Electronics Show lays it out for you. You've just got to know where to look. So judging by CES 2014, we can expect a future where 8K is the new 4K, consumer-friendly Steam Machines battle the PS4 and Xbox One for living room shelf-space, and everybody wears a fitness tracker. Heck, even the idea of the digital home is making a comeback, while VR continues to enjoy the coolest of reboots.

So here is our list of gadgets, gizmos and concepts that have the potential to disrupt and improve our digital world...

Get marathon fit with your smartphone: Pt 1

Get marathon fit with your smartphone starting out

Get up and running with the basics in mobile fitness tech