Best of TechRadar Pro: Intel's Devil's Canyon, Shadow IT, World Cup tech and Windows XP

Shadow IT: what it is, and how you should deal with it

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With new technologies, trends like BYOD, and the consumerisation of enterprise IT all creeping into the office, businesses can face an uphill task maintaining control of their systems and what their employees are using them for.

One expression related to these changes is 'shadow IT'. We spoke to Perry Gale, VP of workflow specialist Nintex, to find out what this meant and how organisations can manage the challenge it poses. Continue reading...

Intel Devil's Canyon: what you need to know about the latest Core processors

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Intel has announced its latest high-end processors to the world.

Codenamed Devil's Canyon (Intel's codenames are getting better), we first heard of this chip series back in March, but we're only now allowed to talk about the details. And the key detail is that this is Intel's first 22nm chip to be clocked at 4GHz across all four cores – more on that shortly.

Essentially though, this isn't a new generation of technology – it's the refresh of the Haswell fourth-generation Core processors which we saw launched a year ago – most of the parts will have minor performance bumps over their Haswell equivalents – they still use the same 22nm 3D Tri-gate transistor design. Continue reading...

2014 World Cup in Brazil: how is it being powered?

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An event the size of the World Cup now requires colossal technical support to sustain the weight of digital consumption both inside and outside the host nation, with events in Brazil about to be beamed right around the world.

One of the organisations sweating over the technological infrastructure in South America is Unisys; an official IT partner for this summer's tournament. Before the action got underway, we spoke to the company's strategic programs director for Brazil, Italo Cocentino, who gave us the inside track on providing IT solutions at the World Cup. Continue reading...

How do we bring more women into IT?

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With women still so woefully underrepresented in the IT sector, BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, is now working in partnership with educators, industry and government to boost female participation in technology and engineering.

Gillian Anrold, who chairs BCS Women, explained to TechRadar Pro why this is important and why we need more females getting on board from a young age. Continue reading...

Still using Windows XP? Time to move, fast!

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On 8 April 2014, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. This means that at this point, unless you have a limited (and expensive) extended support contract agreed with Microsoft, your business is no longer protected against emerging vulnerabilities in XP and potential exploits.

What's more, XP is officially an obsolete system for which fewer and fewer business critical applications will either be updated or supported. And staff members, who have probably been enjoying the benefits of Windows 7 at home for a few years, will think any business still running XP is living in the Stone Age.

If you are still running Windows XP then all of these security, functionality, and perception issues add up to one conclusion: You should migrate now, without delay. Continue reading...