Best of TechRadar Pro: LG on 21:9, Google Apps for Business and Scotland's independent tech future

Stick or twist: will the tech industry thrive in an independent Scotland?

RockStar North

Should Scotland be an independent country? That's the question 8 million Scottish people will be asked in the independence referendum come September 18.

It seems like, with such a highly emotional issue, the thoughts and needs of Scotland's tech industry don't really matter when considering the future of the country's sovereignty. But as technology and innovation are increasingly driving economies around the world, a future union or independent Scotland will have to embrace technology to keep up.

There are two potential paths for the Scottish tech scene. Does Scotland roll the dice, go independent, start from scratch and let the tech industry flourish with competitive tax rates like in Ireland? Or does it stick with the union and enjoy the collective benefit of an already powerful countrywide tech industry? Continue reading...

Google Apps for Business 2014 review


Microsoft Office is a wonderful thing, but it might also seem like overkill for many businesses: depending on whose figures you believe, the average user only uses 10% to 20% of its features. Why pay for features your organisation doesn't use?

The short answer is, to paraphrase the famous maxim about IBM, nobody ever got fired for buying Office. It's a mature product that's massively powerful, widely supported and familiar to pretty much everybody on the planet.

When you buy Office you don't need to wonder if it has X feature - it almost certainly does, even if it's buried in a submenu that only three people have ever seen - and you don't need to worry whether the features your clients love to use so much in their documents will be supported at your end. Continue reading...

LG on the world's first UQHD monitor, 'cinematic' 21:9 and curved displays

LG monitor

The term "unique" gets bandied about a lot when it comes to tech, but LG's attention-grabbing PC monitor, the 34-inch 34UM95, really deserves the name. There just isn't another one like it.

Instead of opting for the current poster child of next-gen display formats that is 4K, the South Korean company decided to make it the world's first 21:9 UltraWide QHD panel. Displays featuring the "cinematic" 21:9 aspect ratio, including LG's EA93 from 2012, have so far proved monitor Marmite due to offering tons of horizontal space, but limiting vertical pixels to 1080p. The 34UM95 raises the stakes by upping the pixel resolution to 3,440 x 1,440, which makes it more of a wide boy than Tony Soprano while providing the same roomy vertical space as 27-inch+ QHD panels. Continue reading...

Why social tools and collaboration are key to your business


As the shift to an information-based economy has taken over much of the world's workforce, it follows that the tools people use to work should evolve accordingly.

Digital ways of working now takes over two thirds of the working day, demonstrating a shift in how people work. As businesses continue to adapt to changing habits, they must ensure that workplace productivity and effective collaboration keep pace.

A recent report from Forrester predicted that tablet use will triple to 905 million devices for work and personal use globally by 2017, pointing to the reality of a growing mobile workforce. Continue reading...

What's the right cloud service for your business?


We're constantly told about the evolving cloud market and the benefits it can bring, but with so many different storage services available it can be a challenge nailing down what's right for your business.

What's more, does the proliferation of cloud solutions mean the in-house server is all but dead? To get some answers, we spoke to Danny Major, managing architect at industry specialist Adapt. Continue reading...