11 incredible Apple imitations

Fancy a GooPhone? No? How about some potatoes?

It takes more than fiddling with the aspect ratio to make a tablet look different from the iPad, and it seems that many firms can barely be bothered doing even that. We don't really need to list all the iPad-a-likes, do we? We do? Okay then... *deep breath* HP TouchPad BlackBerry PlayBook Zenithink ZT180 A1CS X220 Kindle Fire Samsung Tab Kogan Agora Tornado FlyTouch 3 StarPAD 7 ViewPad 7 Folio 100 Dell Streak 10 iRobot Meizu MBook Google Nexus Ramos W9 GooPad Mini Cube U9GT5 iPed inPad LifesPadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

8. Samsung Chromebox

11 incredible Apple imitations
Here comes Samsung again - hands up who can spot the 'inspiration' here

Hat tip to Dustin Curtis, who spotted Samsung's Chromebox and noted that "all small computers are built with circular openings in the bottom, right? It's a natural method of construction. How else would you build such a thing?" How else indeed?

9. Smart Cases

11 incredible Apple imitations
Anymode caused quite a stir with its Galaxy Tab smart cases

In 2011, Samsung was unfairly blamed for the arrival of Galaxy Tab smart cases, which looked and worked an awful lot like Apple's newly introduced iPad 2 Smart Covers. Imagine! Samsung accused of copying! This particular incident was a third party's fault, though: accessory firm Anymode was a little too inspired by Apple's design, and while Samsung claims that it "reviews and approves all accessories" for its mobile products, it says that Anymode was using the "designed for Samsung Mobile" logo without Samsung's knowledge or approval.

10. Smart Watches

11 incredible Apple imitations
Every man and his dog is making an iWoof... I mean, iWatch

The iWatch isn't even out yet, but Samsung's making one too - and so is Google, and Microsoft, and LG, and quite possibly your gran.

11. Potatoes

11 incredible Apple imitations
A potato - all too easily mistaken for a £200 iPad... apparently

We've saved our favourite till last. If you live in Yorkshire, beware a "chubby white man in his forties who [has] dark blonde hair and an Irish accent": according to the Yorkshire Evening Post, he's been flogging iPads made of potatoes. "A conman tricked a victim into buying an iPad which turned out to be a bag of potatoes," the Evening Post reported. "A price of £200 was agreed and the men drove to a nearby cash machine on Commercial Street where the £200 was exchanged for a black laptop bag that the victim believed contained the iPad." The next sentence contains a whole world of hurt. "It was not until after the victim left the area and opened the bag that he discovered it contained some potatoes," the newspaper says.