We may see Samsung Galaxy S8 this month after all

Ready for the one-minute Samsung Galaxy S8 tease?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 isn't going to officially be announced this month at Mobile World Congress 2017, but that doesn't mean it'll be completely absent.

Samsung's flagship Android phone for 2017 will be teased on February 26 at the company's Barcelona press conference at the trade show, according to The Korean Herald.

The sneak peak is said to come in the form of a one-minute video clip, which sounds like just enough time to catch a glimpse of the curved phone.

Even if it's gone in 60 seconds, Samsung is likely hoping the tease is just enough to distract you from that day's LG G6 and BlackBerry Mercury announcements.

Here's how it's likely to go down

Expect a lengthy unveiling of the overdue Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the Android tablet that's poised to update the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with better specs.

After that, Samsung may take a page out of Apple's playbook with its own 'One more thing' surprise, ending MWC press conference on a cliffhanger.

We anticipate this cliffhanger to feature loud, booming music and playful video of a slowly rotating phone draped in various shadows. What a tease!

There may even be a confirmed launch date at the end of this sizzle reel. We've heard about a March 29 event and April 21 release date at last check. 

It'll be the talk of the convention, especially if we get a clear look at the rumored all-screen Samsung Galaxy S8 display.


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