Sony OLED TV spotted for £850

It'll be less than a tenner come Christmas, you watch...

The Sony OLED TV, one of the most expensive 11 inch displays ever to leave the shores of Japan, has been spotted for less than a grand.

In the case of most TVs, this may not be cause for great excitement, but the OLED XEL-1 is the first of its kind in the world, and is quickly gathering pace as a cult object to own.

US only…boo!

Although only available in the US, for $1,478 at Sam's Club, the news the prices are dropping, and fairly rapidly, will be exciting to the rest of the world, which is hoping to get its hands on the set next year.

Apart from Japan, which has had Sony's OLED beauty for donkey's years and probably watches it laughing at the rest of the globe.

However, with Sony reported to making a loss on each TV it sells (this is only meant to be getting interest ready in the technology, rather than beginning the company's assault on the LCD market) it's unlikely the market will be flooded.

Still, if the popularity encourages Sony to make more and the prices do continue to drop, then the future of OLED TVs look very good indeed.


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