Evesham unveils ALQEMI range of LCD TVs

New brand adds to existing LCD TV range

PC system builder Evesham Technology has announced a new budget range of HD-ready TVs.

The launch is another sign that the company is intent on building trade in areas of technology other than the good old PC.

Evesham recently announced a wireless sound system featuring a re-badged Roku Soundbridge, as well as the iPlayer set-top box. The latter kit took a bow just last week.

The firm previously sold other LCD TVs, but this is the first attempt at a premium branded range from the company. A base model with 32-inch display is available for £500. For an extra £100, the 32sx version includes a Freeview tuner as well as Dolby Virtual Surround sound.

ALQEMI displays are also available in 37 and 42 inch sizes - both also include the Freeview tuner.

Each TV has a three-year in-home-swap warranty, and can be wall-mounted if required.



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