Samsung Galaxy S8 release date may be pushed to April 2017

A big year for Samsung after a difficult 2016

It's been a tough old year for Samsung, having to suck up the fact that its flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset was inexplicably exploding. As a result, many expected the company would push out a Samsung Galaxy S8 handset especially quickly to make up the difference.

That no longer seems to be the case, however.

According to a report from (translated), Samsung executives, gathered at a strategy meeting in New York City, have allegedly instead made the decision to delay the release until April 2017. 

PR pros

Why wait until the spring? It seems that Samsung wants a little more distance between the Note 7 debacle and the release of its next big hope - not merely to let time, that great healer, erase the memory of its exploding phones, but also to allow its marketing teams more room to build up confidence in the brand again.

The strategy meeting also saw Koh Dong-jin, Samsung's smartphone boss, stressing the importance of tightened security around the S8 launch. So you may have to brace yourself for fewer leaks than usual surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8. Not that they've prevented this one from reaching us...

Samsung has previously used the Mobile World Congress trade show to present its major releases for the coming year. But with MWC 2017 kicking off on 27 February, Samsung's big hitter may end up being a no-show. 


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