Samsung Galaxy S8 price tipped to increase

A new color could be on the way too

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus were always going to be expensive phones, but new price rumors suggest they could be significantly more expensive than their predecessors.

In a tweet, known leaker Roland Quandt claims that an unnamed EU retailer is preparing to list the Galaxy S8 at €799 (around $845/£695/AU$1,115), and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at €899 (roughly $950/£780/AU$1,255).

As a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S7 launched for £569/AU$1,149 (around $750), while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge started at $769/£640/AU$1,249, so in the US and UK that’s a big price hike.

Of course, a 1:1 conversion is unlikely, so the actual price in dollars and pounds could be higher or lower than that, but it’s believable that the S8 would be a pricier phone than the S7, and this leak largely lines up with the earliest pricing rumors.

A new color for a new phone

As well as the new pricing details, Quandt also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will apparently launch in a new violet color, alongside black and silver.

There’s already talk of a whole range of colors, including purple, but it’s not clear whether this violet shade is the same as the purple one or something different.

All should become clear before long though, as Samsung’s flagship duo is set to be announced on March 29.

Via GSMArena


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