Asus ZenWatch actually looks like something we'd like to wear

Smartwatch brings a bit of elan to the IFA party

Asus has announced the ZenWatch, with its Android Wear offering boasting a stitched leather strap and 2.5D curved glass.

The smartwatch arena is becoming increasingly competitive, but Asus is hoping that its design cues can make it a popular option.

The watch will support the Asus ZenUI Wellness app with its nine-axis sensor and pair with any Android phone from 4.3 up.

Start with People, people

But the big news according to Asus is the way the watch looks suggesting that the design philosophy is 'Start with People'. Or at least their wrists, we hope.

Other features include Watch Unlock, Tap Tap, Remote Camera, Cover to Mute, Find My Phone and Presentation Control.

Regardless, it's definitely one of the more attractive smartwatches we've seen so far - so here are a couple more piccies for your delectation.

ZenWatch from Asus

Asus ZenWatch shows its curves



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