Schoolgirls text in for morning-after pill

Children as young as 11 could use service

A new initiative being trialled in Oxfordshire will allow schoolgirls to request the morning-after pill by text message.

Being launched later this year, it will be available for six schools in the Oxford and Banbury area.

The idea is to improve the number of girls taking the pill to prevent pregnancy should they have unprotected sex or their normal method of contraception fails.

No limits

However, there will be no limit to the amount of times a person can use the service, which has brought concern from some family and religious groups, according to the Times.

Children texting in between the ages of 11 and 13 will be contacted by child protection services in order to provide a safeguard measure.

"This service would provide an extra level of support for those young people who think they have taken a risk, or have another health problem, and don't want to approach a doctor or a pharmacist but can text a nurse and ask what they can do," said the Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire PCT in a joint statement.

Via The Times


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