Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to have improved fingerprint scanner

Let's just hope it works better this time

Galaxy S5

Samsung has included a fingerprint scanner on a number of devices since it debuted one on the Galaxy S5, so it's no surprise at all to hear that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with one as well, but this time it could be in for a few improvements.

According to a 'credible source' speaking to SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 4 will use the Synaptics' Natural ID solution, just like the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Alpha.

This means that to operate the scanner properly you'll have to swipe down from the lower part of the screen to the home button, a necessity which some users find counter intuitive and others still may not even be aware of, so it's perhaps not ideal.

More positively the Note 4 apparently includes the four fingerprint scanning features from the Galaxy S5, specifically Screen Lock, Private Mode, Samsung Account Verification and PayPal Payments, but at least two new features may be inbound as well.

Smart fingers

First up there's 'Fingerprint Shortcuts', which allows you to assign a function or application to each registered fingerprint, so for example if you register one finger to open the browser then unlocking the phone with that one will take you straight to the browser rather than the home screen.

Another new feature that's apparently coming to the Galaxy Note 4 is 'Web Sign-in', which allows you to sign in to websites that can remember passwords by swiping your finger over the home key, saving you from troublesome typing while remaining more secure than if you simply left sites signed in.

It's feasible that these new features could also come to other Samsung devices as a software update at some point, so if you're rocking a Galaxy S5 you might benefit too.