Palm Pre gets UK video hands-on

The chaps at run the iPhone rival through its paces

While we're all still waiting for the release of the Palm Pre here in the UK, has hopped over the water to pick up the new device and posted an in-depth video hands on.

In the video, although calling, internet and texting is out the question with the lack of GSM connectivity on board, takes us through all the latest features of the new contender to the iThrone.


Featuring the multi-tasking 'cards' option prominently, the site is impressed with the device that's been wowing users across the US since the launch on 6 June.

Multi-touch also features prominently, and any worries that the new interface might run slowly are cast aside as the video clearly shows that users can whip through photos, contacts and music without a hint of slowdown, which is sure to please the anti-iPhone legions.

We're still desperate for a launch date here in the UK, but for those of you that want to see the phone in action, head on over to T3 to check out the video.


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