O2 enters race to buy T-Mobile?

Hopes to beat rivals Vodafone for pink network

O2 has reportedly entered the race to buy ailing network T-Mobile, after Vodafone apparently has made noises about such a purchase too.

At this point, O2 is only interested in looking at the T-Mobile financial figures, and neither it nor Vodafone has begun such a process.

However, were either to buy T-Mobile, owned by Deutsche Telekom, it would create the largest customer base for a mobile provider in the UK at over 40% share.

Orange offer

Apparently rival network Orange has made repeated bids to buy T-Mobile over the years, but was rebuffed with a recent offer.

One problem is the network tie-up T-Mobile has with 3, where the two companies share coverage. It's believed Orange also wants to become part of this alliance after O2 and Vodafone already agreed such a deal.

Either way, it seems like it's only a matter of time before T-Mobile, which has apparently been under-performing for some time, will become part of another network in the UK.

Via The Guardian


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