Nokia X specs appear again to reinforce budget credentials

The Nokia X Android smartphone is gaining more momentum every day, and we've now got another set of specs to attach to the handset.

Perennial mobile leaker @evleaks is at the centre of things again, posting up specs supposed linked to the Finnish firm's much rumoured Normandy device.

The tweet reads: "Nokia X: 2 x 1GHz Snapdragon, 4" WVGA, 512MB / 4GB / microSD, 5MP, 1500MAh, Nokia Store + 3rd party, dual-SIM, 6 colors" - which falls in line with specs leaked earlier in the week.

Déjà vu

These are similar specs to the current baby of the Lumia range, the Nokia Lumia 520, although the Nokia X looks set to pack less internal storage and a slightly larger battery.

The biggest difference however will be the operating system, with Nokia ditching Windows Phone 8 in favour of a potentially heavily modified Android platform.

Of course these specs can't be taken as gospel, but @evleaks does have a pretty strong track record of being on the money - so watch this space.