New battery breakthrough could lead to longer lasting smartphones

Bigger, faster, longer

Lumia battery

Battery life is arguably the biggest problem faced by smartphones but it's a problem which might one day be overcome.

A team at the energy storage technology company AdvEn Solutions has developed a new technology which involves using carbon as a cathode in lithium-ion batteries, according to Beacon News.

The team, led by researcher Xinwei Cui, found that carbon is not only cost-effective and safe to use, but also has an energy output that's as much as five to eight times higher than the lithium-ion batteries that are currently on the market. It also performs better than lithium-sulfur and lithium-air batteries, which are two other technologies currently in development.

Bigger, faster, longer

AdvEn Solutions' carbon batteries not only have a higher energy output but also charge faster and last longer than existing batteries and the team aims to have made a prototype by the end of the year.

It might be a long time before we see it used in smartphones or anything else commercially available though, as Cui told Beacon News that "We have a long way to go, but we're on the right track. It's exciting work and we want everyone to know about it and that it's very young but promising."

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