Moto X price slashed to $99.99 in three places

Moto Maker, Sprint and U.S. Cellular cut the tag

The price of the Moto X has been hacked at a few outlets, bringing the price from $199.99 for an on-contract, 16GB phone down to $99.99.

You'll find the new price at Motorola's Moto Maker, where you can customize an AT&T version of the handset as well as at Sprint. For its part,

U.S. Cellular

is not only cutting the cost of the phone but keeping its $75 "switcher bonus," which takes the on-contract handset to $24.99.

The 32GB AT&T Moto X sold on Moto Maker has a new lower price of $149.99, too.

On the carrier's website, the 16GB Moto X is still listed as $199.99, however an AT&T spokeswoman told TechRadar "models sold on will also follow the same pricing structure" as the Moto Maker prices.

We've asked Verizon if it has any plans to chop its Moto X tag, and will update if we hear back.

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