MiFi hacked and unlocked for free - ready for the iPad

Who needs a microSIM with this bad boy around?

Those of you looking to buy a new iPad but can't be bothered to fork out for the 3G version have got some good news - you can now hack a MiFi unit for free.

No, not a torture method designed for mythical garden creatures, but instead it's a way of streaming your 3G signal in the form of Wi-Fi.

MiFi units have been around for a while, but most have been locked to 3, which offers the Huawei E5830 device to customers to convert their mobile broadband signal to laptop-friendly Wi-Fi.

Hack, crack and unlock

But now hacker Zibri has managed to find a way to open up the device to other networks for free, with a simple connection to your PC, launching the program and typing in a specific code all that's needed.

This means you can plug whichever SIM you fancy into the device and stream its 3G signal - perfect for those that don't want to pay the 3G premium on the iPad.

Of course, this is a very much unofficial solution, so do so at your own risk - and make sure you've got the right data plan, as otherwise it might get very expensive.

From Zibri via Engadget


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