LG takes glasses-free 3D mobile

Could we see it on the LG Android tablet?

LG is showcasing a glasses-free 3D display for smartphones and tablets at CES this week.

The 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen with 480x800 pixel resolution, can be used for watching 3D videos or playing games without the need for special specs.

It uses an applied parallax barrier technology, a series of light-blocking slits on the front of the LCD panel. This makes sure that your left and right eyes see different things – and thus a convincing 3D effect.

No crosstalk for LG

The display also offers a wide viewing angle thanks and the super-straightness of the barriers means crosstalk-free images – at least according to LG.

We'd be pretty excited to see this glasses-free 3D display on the LG Optimus Android tablet that could also be revealed this week.

An auto-stereoscopic display could be just what LG needs to differentiate its tablet offering from the host of iPad-alikes out there.



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