iPhone 5 is first Apple phone with 4G

Super-fast data on the go incoming

iPhone 5 is first Apple phone with 4G

The announcement of the iPhone 5 today saw Apple unveil its first smartphone to pack

It's come as no surprise that the new iPhone has been LTE enabled, since 4G has been making its way around the world, delivering customers a faster connection, making web browsing, HD video downloading and streaming a breeze.

Already well established in the US, Asia and parts of Europe, the UK will enter the 4G fray in the coming weeks thanks to EE – and the iPhone is ready.

International appeal

A variety of networks around the world have signed up to offer the iPhone 5 on 4G, including EE in the UK and Sprint, AT&T and Verizion in the US.

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We don't know how much networks are going to charge you for using your fancy new iPhone 5 on 4G, but we'd hazard a guess at it all being pretty darn expensive.

Currently it's not clear if the iPhone 5 will be able to roam between various 4G networks in different continents, because frequencies vary between carriers, but we'll update this article once we know more.