Google Nexus S now available for pre-order on four networks

'Huge interest' already received from users

The Carphone Warehouse has announced that pre-orders on four networks for the forthcoming Google Nexus S have now gone live.

UPDATE: TechRadar spoke to The Carphone Warehouse, which confirmed a 'huge interest' in the device to us:

"The Google Nexus S is a game-changer for Android so it's great to see so many networks getting behind it. We've seen huge interest in the phone over the last few days since pre-ordering began at The Carphone Warehouse," a spokesperson told Techradar.

"We now have a great offering of Android handsets which will continue to grow in the New Year."

The phone will be available to buy both on contract or PAYG/SIM free, with the former costing £35 per month for a free phone - O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange are supporting the phone, but Three is nowhere to be seen.

However, while £35 per month does get you a plethora of minutes and unlimited texts, the most you can get data-wise is 750MB included.

Go big for a gig

To get over 1GB allowance, you'll need to sign up to a £50 a month deal, which seems a little extreme, and will hopefully be updated when the networks start offering it directly (if they ever do).

SIM free the Google Nexus S will cost £549.95, with the PAYG curiously the same, but with a mandatory £10 top up - usually paying a network for the phone will get you a micro-discount at least.

Still, there's not long to wait, as the Google Nexus S UK release date is set for 20 December - enough time to blackmail Santa (with those photos of him bothering that OTHER reindeer) into bringing you one.



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