Dell forced to sell 19-inch monitors for £9

Taiwanese government orders company to honour site slip

Dell has been ordered to honour orders for $150 monitors mistakenly put on sale for $15 (£9).

The mistake was live for eight hours, and apparently 140,000 people took the offer before some bod at Dell clocked the problem.

However, the Taiwanese Government, dangling the threat of prosecution due to violation of fair trade laws, says it is forcing them to honour the agreement.


Dell has however simply apologised for the mistake, according to website The Raw Feed, and will 'compensate buyers for the mistake'.

This probably means a sorry email and a Christmas card, or some kind of discount on another product.

However, if they are forced to ship, then it will make a bit of dent in the profit margins of the company this year.

From Gizmodo via The Raw Feed


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