Bezel-less phones incoming as 1mm border shown off

No more black boxes

What's being touted as the world's narrowest-bordered touchscreen has been unveiled, sounding the death knell for wide bezels on phones and tablets.

AU Optronics, a Taiwanese company specialising in display manufacturing, showed off the 4.46-inch screened phone with a bezel of just 1mm.

It's all made possible by the company's own secret sauce tech (wonderfully referred to as "AUO's super narrow border technology") using low-temperature poly-silicon methods to maximise the touchscreen display area.

Definite definition

AUO 1mm bezel

The screen doesn't scrimp on quality either; it's rocking 720p HD resolution and the company is working on AMOLED, advanced hyper-viewing angle (AHVA) and indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) versions too.

No word on when we'll see phones touting these bezel-phobic screens actually go on sale; AUO's handset is only a reference for now.

Hopefully we'll see the fruits of AUO's work in the flesh at CES 2013, if not before.

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