5 phones that should be made in mini form

We want the X6 Mini, HTC Desire Mini and Vivaz Mini NOW

The Nokia X6 shrink it NOW

You might have seen that a growing number of phones are being released - then being put into some sort of magic machine, reduced by about 30%, and re-released under a new name.

The trend for 'mini' versions of phones was originally seen as either a) fixing a problem with its bigger brother (the Nokia N97 Mini for instance) or just trading on a brand name (as many suspected the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini of doing).

But perhaps we were being unfair and deriding these compact companions too early - since then a number of standalone miniature versions, like the HTC HD Mini and the T-Mobile Pulse Mini, have come to the fore.

So if this is a trend that's set to continue, there are a few phones we'd like to see made a little bit smaller - so crank up that mini-maker and throw these phones in, mobile manufacturers...

1. The Nokia X6 Mini

Back in September last year, we were slightly gobsmacked by the phone that was shown to us on stage at Nokia World - the Nokia X6 looked like the business for mobile music.

The first capacitive touchscreen from Nokia, 32GB of storage and full subscription to Comes with Music? Yes please...

But the phone itself wasn't much to write home about: it's slow thanks to packing Symbian, and the Comes with Music experience is frustrating too.

So think of a Mini version - not necessarily smaller (although we don't need as much screen space) but thinner, as the current X6 is very chunky.

Offer around 16GB of storage, simplify the Comes with Music UI to make it easy to find the latest tunes, and if you've got time squish Symbian^3 in there to make it a lot faster. Then we can talk.

Likelihood of miniaturisation: 3/5

2. The HTC Desire Mini

We're not saying there's anything wrong with the HTC Desire; in fact, it's the best phone we've had on test all year.

But it's a big ol' beast, despite its thin frame: a 3.7-inch screen is too much for some people, and it's still pushing towards the more expensive end of the price plans.

HTC desire

So how about this: shrink it down to slightly smaller than the Legend, put Android 2.2 in there (for some speed benefits) and downgrade the processor to around 600MHz, as the Legend has already shown the Sense UI can work fine on that system.

That would bring it down to a much nicer price point, as well as keeping the same feeling that's made the Desire so popular... a winning combination.

Likelihood of miniaturisation: 4/5

UPDATE: This exact phone was announced today, 17 May, called the HTC Wildfire.

3. The iPhone Nano/Mini

OK, we know what you're going to say... but this does still make sense as a product, despite the fact it's been rumoured for years.

While the current iPhone is winning hearts the world over, like the HTC Desire it's still too big (and too pricey) for a lot of people.

The iPhone OS has demonstrated that it can run on 400MHz processors, and the App Store would still work as long as the screen resolution was kept at HVGA levels too.

We can't see Apple dropping the touchscreen, so gestures would have to come to the fore to enable more functions - like music playback and mapping, you could use the multi-touch to enable more functions on a tighter screen.

Although, if we're honest, we can't see Apple making this at all... the iPhone chassis size has been roughly comparable through four generations, and it won't be until the iShine starts to wear off might we see a new product category.

Likelihood of miniaturisation: 1/5

4. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Mini

We were more impressed than we imagined with the Sony Ericsson Vivaz recently - we had it down as a middling Symbian touchscreen phone again.

But it's more than that - yes, the OS is a little predictable in that it's slower and a little erratic, but the photography side of things is sublime, with the 8MP camera and HD video recording.

Sony ericsson vivaz

We've seen Symbian working just as well on smaller, cheaper phones, so why not do the same with the Vivaz? If you manage to do that and get the price point down to around £150 (we know we're asking a lot here...) while keeping the high end photography, Sony Ericsson would have a real competitor to the Flip Mino HD range on its hands.

Likelihood of miniaturisation: 3/5

5. The Samsung Wave Mini

We know this phone isn't even out yet, but trust us, it's going to be a good one, especially for Samsung fans.

The specs alone are mouth-watering: HD video, new Bada OS, integrated social networking, push email, sensitive touchscreen - plus it has the jaw-dropping SuperAMOLED screen.

Samsung already has the Genio range for the budget end of things, so all that we would need to see here is the Bada OS and the SuperAMOLED screen popped onto smaller chassis with slightly lower specs - we bet there are a lot of people who would LOVE to have a gorgeous screen and the new OS but without the luxury of a wonderful camera too.

We bet this one is already on Samsung's roadmap already - the Bada lineup is set to grow and grow anyway, and this would simply make perfect sense.

Likelihood of miniaturisation: 4/5

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