Best phone 2016: the 10 best smartphones we've reviewed

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9. HTC One M9

Not quite up the 5 star standard, but HTC still has one of the most beautiful phones around

OS: Android 5.1 | Screen size: 5-inch | Resolution: 1920x1080 | RAM: 3GB | Storage: 32GB |Battery: 2840mAh | Rear camera: 20.7MP | Front camera: 4MP

HTC's been used to living at the top of our charts for the last couple of years, and while it's not quite managed it in 2015, it's still a phone with the best build quality out there.

None of the old favourites are missing, so BoomSound enhancement still really turbocharges the audio and the Sense overlay remains one of our favourites, thanks to being sophisticated and really powerful.

The camera has been boosted to 20.7MP, although doesn't have the impressive snapping power of some of the other phones on the market, and the design language still means this is one of our favourite phones to stick in the pocket.

It's a touch more expensive than before, and doesn't take a huge leap forward from last year's model - but then again, that was nearly perfect, so where was HTC to go?

Full review: HTC One M9

Also consider: If you're a massive fan of HTC, but don't want the chunkier form of the M9, then the HTC One A9 is a great choice. Yeah, it's rather iPhone-like in design, but it has a great camera and the latest version of Android too.

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