Sony Ericsson tries to recapture past glories

New T700 reminds us of the good ol' days

Back in the day, when mobile phones were new and the world didn't know the ways of the SMS, Sony Ericsson released the T610 and it was good.

So, in a bid to halt the sliding decline the company is experiencing worldwide, out pops the updated version: the T700.

Slim and metallic, this is a mid-range phone clearly designed to look pretty and do the things you need.

Slim line: just the tonic

A 3.2MP camera will take some decent pictures, but the main feature of the device is the slim-line chassis at just 10mm.

Coupled with a 'premium metallic finish', the idea is to create an expensive looking device without the corresponding price tag.

HSDPA is included for super-fast connection, and it comes in a variety of colours, including black on red and 'Shining Silver'.

Available from Q4 this year in selected markets.


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